Our ethos

We are a vegan friendly, organically-derived skin, beauty, and lifestyle brand. Our vision is to embrace every layer of femininity as we cater to the core of feminine health.

We promote a no-judgement policy giving women the freedom to explore their feminine needs in a safe space both online and in-person. 

Health over everything.

We value putting healthier lifestyles at the forefront of our creations. Our product selections are toxic-free, created with health and happiness in mind.  

We want the women who use our products to feel and look good from the inside out, which is why we focus on creating products and opportunities for women to empower themselves through self-love, awareness, and adornment. 

Many of our products are handmade in house by Nerissa herself.

You are always welcome here.

If you have any questions, or just want to reach out, drop us a line.