When are emails checked ?

-Monday - Friday until 5pm est

-We do not check emails on Saturday and Sunday


Do you ship to the UK ?

- Yes! 


If a product is out of stock on the website will it be out of stock in the Miami store?



How long can shipping take?

-3-14 Business days


What shipping company do you use ?



Will I still get free shipping when I have subscription product in my cart with products that are not for subscription?




How do I get to Nerissa Nefeteri's Self Care Blog?

-Please go to link below



How do I get to Nerissa Nefeteri's Herb Blog?

-Please go to link below



Does string come with the Lotus Eggs?

-No. You need to order it from this site or buy from another store that sells cotton or hemp string . Size:  0.5 -1 mm


What’s the difference between the Lotus Fresh Wash and the Vagina Therapy wash ?

 -Please see video at link below for the explanation or read the descriptions under each Fem wash

Link: https://nenefemhealth.com/collections/combo-deals/products/wash-duo


 Is Nene FemHealth and Nene Organics the same company ?

-Yes . We have rebranded to Nene FemHealth 


 Do you answer order questions through the phone?

-No. Email only


 When is the Miami Store open?

Please visit our Miami Store page link below to view our hours of operation. 




How do we know when out of stock products are restocked ?

-Restock announcements are via Instagram story on page @nenefemhealth



Do you get some of your waistbeads from WaistBeads By Fatou?



How do you tie the waistbeads?

My Order still says its in transit. What should I do?

-If you are a domestic customer Please contact USPS with your tracking number to see why the order is still in transit. Then contact us by email so we can further help you. Sometimes USPS delivers the orders later than usual. If you are an International customer and your order has been in transit for more than 2 weeks than contact us so we can resolve the issue.


My order says its been delivered but I didn't receive it. What should I do?

-Please contact USPS with your tracking number to see what the issue might be and the get back to us. We will send a refund if the issue cant be resolved on their end 


My order is being returned to you. What happens now?

-A refund will be sent to you


I no longer want the item I ordered but the order is already in transit. What should I do?

-You will need to send the order back yourself "unused" . We do not provide return labels for unwanted items you changed your mind about after the order has been shipped. 


I just found out I am allergic to some of the ingredients in the product. What should I  do? Can I get my money back?

- We do not give refunds for used products or provide return labels for used products. Everything you order from this site is done by your free will. Please check the ingredients label before ordering and if something on this site doesn't work for you then discontinue the use of the product 


Whats the expiration date on the detox pearls?

- 2 years


I wanted my order canceled so I sent an email but the order was still shipped. What should I do?

- Sorry for not getting to you on time.  We will provide the return label so you can send the order back.  Let us know when you ship the order back so we can refund you faster. 


My order has been damaged?

-Please send us your order number so we can send you a new product.


I don't know how to use the product I ordered. How do I get help?

- Please send an email to nerissaolugbala@gmail.com for help


How often are sales available?

- At least once a month. We try to have a sale at the end of every month.


What egg size should I start with?

- A large


I ordered a lotus egg set for $35 but I only got one egg.

-The egg sets do not come as a set when you order unless you ordered the set which is between $70-$100. You have to add each size in your cart to make the set or buy the “egg set” that’s phrased as “All 3” in the dropdown menu 



Do the Boric Fresh Suppositories or Herbal-V Suppositories come with an applicator?

-No. You have to purchase it separately on the site


Do all the Lotus Eggs come in a cute pink box?

-No. Only the Beginner size (Large) 45x35mm eggs come in a pink box


How do I find out about sales and discounts codes?

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