Your Vagina Should Smell Like Vagina

This may be hard to believe, but your vagina isn’t supposed to smell like a strawberry bubblegum sea breeze. It’s okay for it to smell like...vagina. Embracing your natural smell not only helps you know when your smell may be off, but it also increases your confidence when you know and accept the characteristics of your vagina.

Having your vagina smell like fruits, flowers, and candies may sound good in theory but messing up your pH balance and creating a playground for infections is not fun. 

For forever, we have been made to feel ashamed of things that naturally occurred within our bodies. It’s time that we take back our power and reclaim agency over ourselves. What you choose to do with and to your body is your choice but just make sure you are doing things that add to your body being healthy, balanced, and efficient and not taking away from it. 

Instead of judging your vagina, get to know her. Learn her moods, her smells, her likes, and dislikes. Try accepting her in all her glory. 

Vagina acceptance is such a thing. Here are a few affirmations to help you strengthen yourself with your divinely powerful pum pum:

I love the way my vagina smells. 

My vagina scent lets me know when she is and isn’t feeling her best. 

I honor my vagina by letting her be who she is. 

I respect, love, value, and take care of my vagina. 

(feel free to give whatever pronoun you would like to give to your vagina)