7 Journal Prompts for Getting to Know Your Body Better

The body you had at 16 isn’t the same body you had at 25, the one at 25 won’t be the same at 45, and so on. Our bodies are constantly changing. These changes occur from age, lifestyle, diet, genetics, etc. Our bodies regularly take in information and adapt to how we care (or don’t care) for it. Many of us never take the time to actually be present within our bodies so that we can assess and listen to its needs or the information it is trying to give us about our wellbeing. 

Taking time to actually get to know your body can help you know when something is off quicker, understand what you need when you need it, and just overall help you have a better relationship with your body. 

While technology is constantly evolving, we still pretty much only get one body in this lifetime. So it makes sense to prioritize being present in it and treating it well. 

Here are journal prompts to explore that will help you love your body a little more: 

Describe how it feels to be inside of your body.

Think about the recurring foods you eat. Write them down and how they usually make your body feel.

Can you tell when things are “off” with your body? If so, what are the tell signs? If not, why do you think this is?

In what ways do you care for your body? How do you soothe yourself? How do you nourish yourself? Really explore this. 

How do you feel when you look at your body? What do you think about your body?

Think about a time when your body alerted you about something or someone. What was the alert? Did you listen or not? Why or why not?

Write a thank you note to your body.