• What are the types of rest?

  1. Physical
    1. Passive - Sleeping or napping, taking deep breaths,  rest day from rigorous workouts
    2. Active - restorative yoga class, stretching, massage therapy
  2. Mental
    1. Schedule short breaks every 2 hours throughout the workday. Keep notepad by bed to jot down nagging thoughts. Add meditation during the day.
  3. Social
    1. Balance draining encounters with restorative ones
    2. Catch up with an old friend who knows the way you think and feel without lengthy explanation. Take a night off from socializing on Zoom or FaceTime to reconnect with yourself.
  4. Creative
    1. Go for a walk in nature, read a captivating book, surround yourself with inspiration to replenish yourself
    2. Reawakens awe and wonder inside.
  5. Emotional
    1. Having the time and space to freely express your feelings and cut back on people pleasing
    2. Offloading your feelings onto a consenting listener, keep talking to prevent future emotional overload. Schedule a therapy session
  6. Spiritual
    1. Ability to connect beyond the physical and mental and feel a deep sense of belonging, love, acceptance and purpose.
    2. Practice your religion, prayer, meditation, seek out a sense of purpose, do something to ground yourself, volunteer in your community.
  7. Sensory
    1. Take a break from technology and step outside for fresh air. Talk a walk or read a book. Close your eyes for a minute during the middle of the day. Unplug from electronics at night.
  8. Sleep and rest are not the same thing. If we do not get rest in these different areas, we risk being chronically tired, depleted, and burned-out. Begin with small things you can do daily.