Lotus Eggs®


Lotus Eggs®: Therapeutic crystals for strengthening, balancing, and maintaining mind-body wellness.


Lotus Eggs can also be used as medical devices for pelvic floor exercises, or kegeling.

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum. 


Some specific things Kegeling can do:


  • Assist with postpartum recovery.
  • Repair and tone your vaginal walls.
  • Stimulate vaginal mucus naturally.


Doing Kegels with a Lotus Egg (vaginal weight) takes your kegel exercises (and other things)to the next level. A strong pelvic floor equals stronger orgasms, for those of you who enjoy amplified pleasure.

Beginner Egg recommendations:  Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz.. But you can start with any egg your energy gravitates to. Make sure you do extra homework on you egg type before ordering. 

For further info on how to use our eggs visit Nefeteri.com 


Egg Sizes: 

Our sizes are recommended by gynecologists.  

Start with a Large and work your way down to small or just stay at the size you are comfortable with.  




Large 45×35  Beginner size  

(Larger than large in the Small Set)

Beginner sizes come in our new boxes unless it’s an egg combo. 


Small Set: (The photos of 3 egg sizes) 

Large 45x30mm (Second Beginner size option if you think the first Beginner size is too big)

Medium 40x25mm

Small 30x20mm

The egg sets do not come as a set when you order. You have to add each size (all 3 eggs) in your cart to make a set.



All the eggs are drilled with a hole so you can insert a string 

The string allows you to take the egg out easier, do vaginal weight lifting and have a yoni tug of war.

String options: cotton, hemp, medical grade silicone 

Do not use the same string twice unless it’s medical grade silicone. Pre-strung sold eggs are not advised for hygienic purposes. 

GIA Certified