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Free Shipping on USA orders $75 and up. 3-14 Business Days for shipping. Emails are checked M-F from 9am-6pm Eastern.

Lotus Egg sizes and more


Lotus Eggs®Crystals used for therapeutic balance and wellness; Medical devices for Kegel exercises, namely, pelvic floor exercisers in the nature of crystals for therapeutic purposes

Kegels build up muscle control and aid in urinary and fecal incontinence. The exercises can also improve your sexual experience. For men, they can help erections last longer and for women, they are known to help reach orgasms quicker.

 Doing Kegels with a Lotus Egg (vaginal weight) takes your kegel exercises to the next level. They help tone and tighten the vaginal walls and strengthen the pelvic floor which leads to better/longer orgasms and less vaginal dryness  

Beginner Egg recommendations:  Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz.. But you can start with any egg your energy gravitates to. Make sure you do extra homework on you egg type before ordering. 

Beginners: Use egg for 10-15 minutes then gradually move up to 15-30 minutes . Wearing your egg all day is not necessary in the beginning stages and can cause some cramping if you’re not doing the kegels correctly. 


Egg Sizes: 

Our sizes are recommended by gynecologist  

Start with a Large and work your way down to small or just stay at the size you are comfortable with  




Large 45×35   Beginner size 

(Larger than large in the  Small Set)

Beginner sizes come in our new boxes unless it’s a egg combo. 


Small Set: (The photos of 3 egg sizes) 

Large 45x30mm (Second Beginner size option if you think the first Beginner size is too big )

Medium 40x25mm

Small 30x20mm

The egg sets do not come as a set when you order. You have to add each size (all 3 eggs) in your cart to make a set.



size: 35x25mm .

This medium is smaller then the medium in the small set and bigger than the small in the small set  

 All the eggs are drilled with a hole so you can insert a string 

The string allows you to take the egg out easier, do vaginal weight lifting and yoni tug a war.

String choices : cotton , hemp, medical grade silicone 

Do not use the same string twice unles it’s medical grade silicone. PreStrung sold eggs are not adviced for hygienic purposes. 

 GIA Certified