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Free Shipping on USA orders $75 and up!

Smoky Quartz Set


Chakra: Root/Base


The Smokey Quartz yoni egg is a good stone to use for cleansing purposes.

If you are seeking to cleanse yourself of any negative energies that may be bringing worry and stress into your space, this egg is for you. It helps keep positive thinking consistent and aids in emotional calmness. If you are looking for mental clarity and stability the Smokey Quartz will do the trick.


This stone also provides healing for legs, the abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, and reproduction system.

It can help with panic attacks, headaches, and any pains experienced in muscles and nerve tissues as well.


Using this yoni egg will connect you with your higher self and aid you in trusting your own intuition.

If moving forward within yourself and in your life, is the objective, the Smokey Quartz yoni egg would be a good choice to try out.

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