Free Shipping on USA orders $75 and up!
Free Shipping on USA orders $75 and up!

I don’t know what to start with !

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Too many items to choose from?

Well here is a combo with my customers favorite products to start a healthy fresh routine. - Nerissa 


Box includes : 

Lotus Fresh Wash

Herbal-V Suppositories (pH Balancer)

Lily Pads


Heating Pad (for menstrual pain)

Calm Cycle Tea ( takes the edge off your period pain)

Mini steam herbs  (have you thought about vaginal steaming ? Well here’s a pack perfect for one steam)

Yoni Popping Ben Wa Egg (to do kegels with) 

Don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise, take your probiotics, stay away from toxic energy because your vagina will eventually disrespect you back and stay hydrated !! Happy balanced pH my loves. 

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