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Sacral Balance Tea

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 A woman’s tea

14 Tea Bags

 Ingredients: Labisia Pumila and Dates 


Healthy Sexual Reproductive System



-Vaginal Dryness 

-Hormonal imbalance 

-Vaginal Toning 

-Libido Enhancement

-Abdominal Muscle Toning 

-Balancing Vaginal pH 


Cannot be used by Pregnant and Breastfeeding women .  Do not drink during menstruation cycle. 


Drink 2-3 cups daily for best results . No sugar needed The taste of this tea is calm and refreshing 

One tea bag can be used for to make 2 cups of tea. 


Labisia Pumila does not contain any hormones. It only promotes the body's own secretion of hormones and balances the regulation of estrogen.

For postpartum women, Labisia Pumila tones the pelvic floor muscles and helps the uterus contract back naturally . For women who often work overtime, Labisia Pumila can increase the body’s energy, sexual desire, enhance sexual response, and warm the palace to relieve dysmenorrhea.

You should see a change in your energy within 3 days 


Gynecologist Approved



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