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Yoni Pearl Set


1 set comes with 3 pearls 

You will need a Yoni Pearl applicator to insert the pearl. Link below

Pearls Can't be used if  Pregnant, Breastfeeding, or if Hymen is intact. Not recommended if you have an IUD



Refined from Osthol, Stemona Root, Kochia scoparia, motherwort, Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, Don Quai (Female ginseng), Lovage (Rhizoma chuan xiong) and Borneol.



Instructions come with order  

Suitable for people that have:

1.Abnormal vaginal discharge(Leucorrhea),vagina itching,Irregular menstruation,Menstrual pain,

2.Endometritis,cervical erosion, ,annex inflammation,vagintis,pelvic inflammatory,yeast infection and other kinds of gynecological diseases.

3. ovarian cysts,uterine fibroids and other uertus disease

4. Melasma, dark spots, bad sexual life.


(1) For external use only, don’t eat.
(2) Virgins, pregnant women and women who breastfeed are prohibited.
(3) Do not use while on menstrual cycle. It can be used only four days after end of menstrual cycle.
(4) Avoid sexual intercourse during use of Pearl. If sexual intercourse is necessary, please take out the pellet and clean out vagina.
(5) It cannot be reused to protect crossed infection when it is taken out halfway.
(6) It should be taken out after 48 hours. Clean vagina thoroughly and another pearl can be put into the vagina after an interval of 24 hours.
(7) If dryness occurs while using Pearl, the pearl of care and protection can be used together.
(8) Suggest taking physician’s direction when using.
(9) Do not use for up to 3 hours after sexual intercourse.
(10) Contraception is suggested while using this pearl.
Directions come with order. 
More info:
For the first time  its best to start with one pearl for 2 days. The purge process can take up to 7-8 days. If you want to make the process stronger you can put another pearl in after you take the first pearl out on the second day or put 2 pearls in for 3 days. Most customers only need one pearl for 2 days but every vagina is different. 
Test with one pearl first to see how your body reacts to the herbs. Some women don’t have a purge at all. Remember, just because this product worked for many doesn’t mean it will work for you. 
If you are trying to conceive then use the pearls 4 days after your cycle. 
Detox Pearls should not be used more than 1-2 times a month . 
The pearls regulate your hormones so clearer skin might be an outcome.  Some mild spotting might happen because the ingredients regulate blood flow .
If the ingredients are too strong for your Flora then you might get mild yeast infection. This is why it’s best to start with one pearl. 
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