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White Jade Lotus Egg

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Large 45×35mm

Jade is a special gemstone of healing and stability. It relieves anxiety and lightens emotions developed from fear. This stone is one of the many gemstones, which never allow any negative energy or negative influences to affect the individual wearing it. It does not allow the entry of any external negative vibration. It simply protects people from getting disturbed by negative influences as it continues to emit cleansing and calming aura. Jade can also establish a closer connection between the different stages of the intellectual part of the body. Hence, it improves the mental capacity of a person. The ancient people from the East have known all the healing properties of Jade for hundreds of years.

Light shades of white and cream jade stones are best for Capricorn, Cancer, and Virgo.

White Jade helps in concentration and clears the thoughts. It empowers all senses and let us contact with the spiritual world and our inner self. It helps us to express our love to somebody and opens all channels so that we get response. It keeps good energy close. It brings calmness, wisdom and peaceful sleep with good dreams.