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Orders are shipped Monday-Friday

All cancelled orders are refunded automatically

Orders are cancelled and refunded because: Address error, order was returned, order has been in transit for 30 days with no delivery date, order was left unsent for 10 business days

-No refunds on orders that have been tracked and delivered in your mailbox but some how you can’t find it.

-No returns unless we sent you the wrong product  

- High volume days can take up to 2-10 business days to ship out from packaging location. 

-When you receive a notification from the website saying your order has been fulfilled, that means your order was sent to the post office to be shipped out. You wont be able to track your order until it is shipped. 

-Tracking Number is sent when order is ready be shipped 

-If you did not receive a tracking number send us an email to get one

-Orders that have been tracked and remain in transit for over a month will be refunded

-No refunds on used products and delivered products 

-Orders that have been returned due to delivery issues will be refunded automatically 

If you ordered from Naturotica, please do not send a message through regarding a Naturotica order because it won't be answered. The websites are owned by Nerissa Irving but they are not under the same store platform. Naturotica order numbers can't be found in Nene Organics platform.