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How to choose your menstrual cup

You can choose by:

  1. texture
  2. size
  3. shape
  4. your age
  5. if you have had children or not
  6. if you have a tilted cervix (low or high cervix)

According to most menstrual cup rules if you are over 25 and have children then you should get a large cup, but that rule doesn't work for me. I'm over 30 with children and I use a small cup. I also need a softer cup because the firm cups are very uncomfortable for me. My favorite cup is the Lotus Cup.

Some ladies need a large cup because their cycle is heavy.

If you have a low cervix you need a short cup. Try the blossom cup or the menstrual cup set if you have a low cervix. If you have a high cervix then you need a long cup.

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