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Coconut Kefir for your belly and beyond

Need a vegan yogurt option for your parfaits? Have you tried coconut kefir cream? Not only is great for your gut flora but it also helps with candida.

"Coconut water kefir is full of beneficial microbes and powerful metabolites found in coconut water. It can provide a multitude of benefits, like:

  • Alleviate kidney stones with high potassium levels found in coconut water.
  • Protect heart health against high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, blood clots, and heart attack.
  • Guard against food-borne pathogens with seven different strains of probiotic bacteria and yeast.
  • Control opportunistic yeast growth, like Candida.
  • May fight cancer and boost immunity with probiotic chemical messages.
  • May reduce the spread of cancerous cells. "~ bodyecology.com